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Web hosting

The INTELOGIE Data Centers are equipped with reliable and redundant networks and electricity backups to ensure interruption-free service.


  • 24/7 Network monitoring by skilled technicians
  • Service Desk “Real-Time” alert for network failure
  • Secured data centre with controlled temperature settings
  • Gas activated fire suppression system (FM-200)
  • Security control through access card and video-monitoring
  • Secured environment through firewalls in accordance with the highest industry standards
  • High level protection against Virus & Spam

What else INTELOGIE can offer?

We offer hosting in a secure and fully monitored environment, including immediate 24/7 on-site interventions if required.

Linux server hosting (CentOS, RedHat, Debian, ...)

  • Web servers (apache, nginx, tomcat, PHP, Perl, Ruby, NodeJS, ...)
  • Database servers (MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, Mongo, ...)
  • Email servers (Postfix, dovecot, spamassasin, Roundcube)

Windows server hosting

  • Web servers (IIS, Apache)
  • Database servers (SQL Server, MySQL)
  • Email servers (Exchange, Outlook)

Need more power, we can host your servers in one of our data centers.

Just need a small place for your website and emails?

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